Smart Diapers Are Here Because The Future Is Now

It seems we can do everything with our phones these days. The digital devices allow you to text, talk, shop and Snap. They also act as GPS systems, fitness trackers and entertainment devices. But did you know there’s an app to track your baby’s “output?” Yes, smart diapers are here to help alleviate one of your new parenting woes.

The Lumi by Pampers starter pack includes an activity sensor, a high-def baby monitor and a 10-day supply of diapers. According to Pampers, the sensor  — which sits outside the diaper — will work with your video monitor to track baby’s sleep and feeding patterns. It will also let you know (in real-time) when your wee one has made a wet diaper.

Some may wonder why you would want to track such a thing — it’s just pee after all. But nurses will request this information, your child’s pediatrician will request this information and seasoned parents know the best way to ensure your baby is eating enough is to track their output. It can also ease anxiety.

Of course, parents can still opt to track their baby’s urine manually, using another app like Baby Connect or Winnie or (gasp) with a pen and piece of paper, but this device will ensure you don’t forget any entries. And trust us, when you are bleary-eyed, sleep-deprived mess you will.

Pampers is not the first company to create a smart diaper. In 2018, Huggies released their Monit x Huggies line. However, the product is only available in Korea.

As for pricing, Pampers has stated additional packs of Lumi diapers will be sold nationwide. Unfortunately, their cost is unknown at the moment, and the starter pack price has yet to be finalized. Additional details will be available later this year. That said, if you have a flexible budget and want poo/pee push notifications, Lumi by Pampers may be for you. Just be prepared for a data dump.


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