Reddit Reluctantly Agrees With This Man Who Complained About a Crying Toddler in Public

Nine-and-a-half times out of 10, I’m going to defend your crying toddler, your screaming baby, and your meltdown-having kid when out in public. All parents have been there — and we could all afford to show a little more grace to others going through it. Kids are people too, and they have every right to be in public spaces (including airplanes!). But sometimes (emphasis on sometimes), parents are a little too relaxed about their loud toddler while out and about. One man took it upon himself to complain — and Redditors reluctantly had his back after reading the whole story.

A man asked in the “Am I The A—hole?” subreddit if he was TA after “indirectly asking a woman to please try and quiet her crying toddler down?” My immediate first thought was yes, absolutely you are! But after reading it, his complaint actually holds some water.

“I was at a museum with a few friends today, and entered at the same time as 2 women pushing their kids in strollers,” he wrote. “As soon as everyone paid, we entered into the main exhibit area where her kid started non stop crying. Instead of trying to calm her toddler down, she simply continued her conversation with the other stroller mom over her crying kid. This continued on for about 5 minutes straight, with no end in sight.”

On the one hand, that is annoying (not to mention slightly distressing for the kid), but on the other, I have been there. I’ve been pushing a stroller with a screaming kid while others looked on because sometimes you just need a second to compose yourself before trying to calm them down again. Or maybe you just need to grab the last few items on your grocery list and check out so you can get your overtired toddler home.

But this situation seems different. Her kid is already this upset after having just arrived at the museum? It’s a little odd the mom is just carrying on like nothing is happening.

“Multiple people were looking in her direction, silently pleading for her to allow them to enjoy a quiet space they paid $20+ each to enjoy,” he continued. “I tried to walk ahead and ignore it, but around every corner her screeching kid was right there.”

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