Prince George, Princess Charlotte & Prince Louis Reportedly Have To Sit at the Kids’ Table During Christmas Dinner Until They Can Do This One Thing

Don’t feel bad for making your kids sit at a designated table during the holidays — because, apparently, the royals do it, too. Royal kids, including Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5, reportedly have to sit at the kids’ table during Christmas dinner and other royal events until they can master one very important skill.

The royal kids have to learn “the art of polite conversation” before they can join their parents and other adults at the dining table, according to Harper’s Bazaar, per Mirror. This actually makes a lot of sense. Can you imagine casually chatting with King Charles about current events while Prince Louis interrupts with an epic tantrum over having to eat his peas? Awkward! Not to mention, kids are messy, silly, loud — and it would be a lot of work to try to keep them reined in at the table after a morning of Christmas fun.

To keep things even more civilized, the kids’ table isn’t anywhere near the adults. Former royal chef Darren McGrady told Hello, per Mirror, “The children always ate in the nursery until they were old enough to conduct themselves properly at the dining table.” (Honestly, that sounds much more fun anyway! What kid wants to worry about being proper on Christmas Day?)

The chef also dished on what went on in the nursery when Prince William and Prince Harry were kids. “The Royal nursery wasn’t just for educating the minds of the young royals but educating their palates, too,” he said. “Nanny always had control of the menu and made sure they ate balanced meals that included not only lots of healthy vegetables but introduced them to new grown-up dishes too.”

He added that their mom, Princess Diana, was in support of this, but that she also would “sneak them out to McDonald’s as a special treat.” That sounds exactly like something Kate Middleton would do too. After all, she is the fun parent!

Even though Christmas dinner is formal, Christmas Day seems to be a casual event for the royals. Last year, the Princess of Wales opened up about Christmas with her family. During a walk to the Christmas Day service at St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, Princess Kate told a little girl that she had “a lovely morning,” adding, “Quite an early start this morning.” The kids were clearly excited to see what Father Christmas brought them, just like any other kid!

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