Mandy Moore Shares Update About Her ‘Smooshy’ Baby Ozzie — & Hints She May Want Baby #3

Mandy Moore has found something sweeter than candy: her love of being a mom! The This Is Us star shared a precious new video of her 2-month-old son Ozzie, who she shares with husband Taylor Goldsmith, and wrote a lengthy update about her “smooshy” newborn. He’s so cute, he’s already got her thinking about maybe having another baby (fingers crossed!).

“This sweet Angel baby is 2 months old today,” the Dr. Death actress wrote on Instagram today, alongside a video of Ozzie cooing at the camera. “Good morning, sir!” the “In Real Life” author tells her baby, who gazes at her with his brown eyes and coos a response. so, so cute!

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She also shared more details about his personality: “And he’s a GIANT bundle of snuggles, who demands food at all times, rolls over the instant you put him on his tummy, is a dynamite traveler, sleeper and set baby, seems genuinely impressed with his big brother, loves to fall asleep in anyone’s arms and is generally so smooshy and dreamy.”

How sweet is that? It sounds like the little guy is a big fan of his 1-year-old brother Gus (who loves holding his baby brother!), wasn’t phased by the family’s temporary move to New York, and loves cuddling with everyone. What a dream! No wonder Moore doesn’t want it to end.  

In her caption, Moore continued that Ozzie “has Mom thinking about doing it all over again 😳.” Um, yes please! She is such an awesome mom, it would be so cool if she had another.

She added, “We’re so grateful for all you are and can’t wait for more, sweetest Ozzie!!”

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“What a light 💫,” one person commented. Actor Zachary Levi wrote, “STAAAHPUUUH!!! 😍”

Rachel Bilson commented, “❤️❤️❤️.”

“He’s your family soulmate! Love this ❤️,” another person said.

“I’m about to have my sixth,” another said. “This is how they get you. Do it 😈. It’s wonderful.” Someone else wrote, “Do it!! You and Taylor make beautiful children.”

Last month, Moore told Parents that things have been good as a mom of two. “So far, it’s been pretty dreamy—I feel bad saying that,” she said.

“I know it also hasn’t gotten challenging yet at all,” Moore added. “Ozzie’s just sort of waking up and having a bit more awareness of the world around him.”

She continued, “I know how special and how precious this time is with him being this age and at this stage. So, I’m trying to embrace this sleeplessness. You forget all those phases. It’s like your brain has total amnesia about it until you’re back in that place again.”

Moore definitely seems to be soaking it up. And if she does decide to have another baby, we’ll be so excited for her!

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