Kim Kardashian & North West Get A 'Special Effects Makeover' In Sweet Video

Having the world’s most famous social media celebrity for a mom might feel like big shoes to fill, but it already seems like North West is up to the task. Since joining TikTok with her first official account a few weeks ago, the precocious eight-year-old is giving her mom, Kim Kardashian, a run for her money, but the duo’s latest clip might just be the coolest one so far.

North was joined by her mama for a wild time-lapse special effects makeover, and what started out sweet turned gruesome fast. In the video, the pair can be seen bare-faced in the mirror, before the video reveals itself in reverse, showing them wiping off movie monster-inspired makeup and prosthetics with face wipes, including Kardashian with what looks like bright red blood all over her face and her eldest daughter with gruesome black and purple colors that might stop even a literal horror movie villain dead in their tracks.

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