Katy Perry Is Already Behind on a Christmas Tradition with Daughter Daisy & It’s So Relatable

Between the bustling, whirling chaos of decorating for Christmas, shopping for gifts, and the million-and-two things on our to-do lists (how does Santa do it?!), somehow, we have to find time to be a mom, too. That’s challenging for everyone — even Katy Perry. The “Cozy Little Christmas” singer recently revealed the one holiday tradition she’s already behind on with her 2-year-old daughter Daisy Dove, who she shares with fiancé Orlando Bloom, and we feel seen.

“I need to order my Elf on the Shelf now,” Perry told Access Hollywood yesterday, adding that she’s feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. “I can’t do 25 days on my first Elf on the Shelf, guys, you know what I’m talking about,” she said with a laugh. “It’s a journey. I’ll do 15 days, maybe 10.”


That is so relatable! Elf on the Shelf can be intimidating — if you need inspiration, we’ve got you covered! — but that’s OK. The holidays will still be magical even if you do fall behind on a tradition or two, don’t worry. And if your Elf isn’t perfect, that’s totally fine. It’s just supposed to be fun, so you don’t have to take it too seriously (or even do it at all!).

Perry may be a little behind, but she has always loved this time of year. “The holidays mean family,” Perry said in an interview with Amazon Music, per Entertainment Tonight, in Dec. 2018. “They mean coziness, and everybody having that feeling of togetherness. And cooking and eating and taking lots of naps.”

But now, the “Firework” singer is enjoying her daughter’s first year being “super” into the holiday season, which makes it extra special. “She’s just coming alive,” the American Idol judge told Access about Daisy. “This is her third Christmas, and she’s super into it.”

There’s nothing like experiencing the joy of the season through your kids’ eyes. Perry and Bloom are in for a treat!

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