Jessica Alba Officially Goes to Therapy With Both Daughters Now

Jessica Alba has dominated acting and business alike, from starring lead roles to building a successful brand. The mom of three — who shares daughters Honor, 14, Haven, 10 and son Hayes, 4 with husband Cash Warren — has also proven to be an insightful sounding board for all things parenting. Alba just opened up about starting therapy with her middle child, how it’s affected their mother-daughter relationship, and why she was prompted to start therapy in the first place.

Alba has been honest about attending therapy with her oldest daughter, Honor, in the past. In the July/August 2022 issue of Glamour magazine, she revealed that she also goes to therapy with Haven as well. “I went with both of them,” Alba told Glamour. “And around puberty is when it’s the time I think, for me, with my girls.”

Alba’s reasoning for starting therapy with both Honor and Haven around the age of puberty is because that’s when they started to show signs of freezing her out — something moms of pre-teens and teens alike can relate to. “That’s when they started to sort of shut down and get really like, ‘I don’t want to talk any more.’ And I’m like, ‘We’re not doing this. We’ve got to keep a line of communication here. How can I be a better parent to you? How do you want me to talk to you? Don’t shut me out.’”

The Honest Company founder touted the benefits that therapy has had on her relationships with both Honor and Haven. Alba also shared the way she explained therapy to her daughters. “And I’m going to make mistakes,” Alba told Glamour of the conversation. “Here’s a safe space, you can’t get in trouble. Let me know what I’m doing wrong, or what you would like me to do differently.”

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