Gabrielle Union Reveals the Funny Thing 3-Year-old Daughter Kaavia Does To Avoid Bedtime

“I need to go potty.” “I’m thirsty.” “Can you read me a story?” “I need another drink of water.” It’s easier to complete in a triathlon than it is to get kids in bed at night! Gabrielle Union’s 3-year-old daughter Kaavia James, whom she shares with husband Dwyane Wade, is a master at getting out of bath and bedtime. All she has to do is distract her parents with the cutest dance moves.

“How I put off bath. Every. Night,” the video, which was posted to Kaavia’s Instagram Tuesday, was captioned.

Shady Baby is dressed in a white t-shirt and pink skirt, as she dances in the backyard. She puts her hands above her head, moves her body from side to side, and dances to “We Are the World” by U.S.A. for Africa. At one point she jumps, and at another she flings her head back, fully getting into the dance. It’s so full of emotion and sass that Union can’t help but sing along and serving as a  background dancer to the toddler.

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At the end of the video, Wade leans forward to give Kaavia a big hug. It’s such a sweet moment.

“I was feeling these lyrics,” the video was captioned. “I woulda preferred some extra ice cream but y’all gonna get an interpretive dance instead. Anything to avoid going to sleep.” Anyone one with a toddler can definitely relate!

Octavia Spencer commented, “This caption 🔥🔥🔥🔥.”

“🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣add choreographer to the résumé,” one person joked. Another commented, “She said ‘nah we gotta stay up to talk about our feelings’ 😂😂😂😂😂.”

“Oh you be doing what my baby does!!” someone else wrote. “Y’all never wanna take a bath and lay down😢.”

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On June 16, Union shared a video of Kaavia dancing in pajamas before breakfast, proving that this little girl loves making moves from the moment she wakes up to the moment she (finally) goes to sleep at night. That’s dedication!

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