Bindi Irwin Shares the Sweetest Lookback at the Year with Daughter Grace & You Won’t Believe How Much She’s Grown!

The moments of motherhood are as vast as the Australia Gold Coast — but they’re also as fleeting as the sand. Ever-shifting, ever-changing, until suddenly, a year goes by in the blink of an eye. (I’m sure even mama kangaroos would keep their joeys safely tucked away in their pouch forever if they could.) Bindi Irwin recently shared a heart-warming video of her daughter Grace Warrior’s last 12 months, and she has grown so much!

2 0 2 2 • Our twelve months of this year…” Irwin captioned a new reel on Instagram yesterday. It shows highlights of the last year with her 20-month-old daughter, who she shares with husband Chandler Powell, set to “The Months of the Year Song” by Hopscotch Songs.

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From the very first clip, it’s obvious how much the little girl has changed this year. A baby Grace wears a pink sleep sack in the first video, looking precious with a tiny fuzz of hair as Irwin leans over to kiss her.

In the next, Irwin helps Grace stand up on the beach. Her tiny hat is too cute! Grace turns 1 in March, as she sits next to a cake and turtles for her birthday photos. There’s also clips of Easter, a family walk, and wonderful outdoor adventures throughout the video.

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By the end, a toddler Grace — with super long hair! — stands and points at a koala climbing a tree at the Australia Zoo where the family lives. She’s wearing a Bluey dress and holding her pink water bottle, and yes, those are tears in my eyes because babies grow up too darn fast!

Those in the comment section remarked on her growth, too.

“She has grown so much in just a year! 💗😥🥰” one person commented. Another said, “Goes so quick!”

“Such a beautiful family,” someone else wrote. “Your daughter is precious. 🥰💕” We couldn’t agree more!

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