Adorable DIY Gift Wrap Ideas Kids Can Make Themselves

The holidays usher in a sense of coziness: thick knit socks, hot cocoa in mugs that declare “’tis the season,” and pine trees draped in snow. It’s time to wrap gifts together as a family, warm by the fireplace while you watch holiday classics on the Hallmark channel or listen to Bing Crosby croon Christmas carols (say that three times fast), right? But in reality, wrapping presents isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. For us, at least, it usually winds up as a desperate adults-only event around midnight on Christmas Eve, when we have 18 rolls of wrapping paper with only two inches left on each roll. Cocoa becomes wine, paper cuts abound, and we run out of tape…after only the first present.

Plus, after we spend hours wrapping those gifts, they get torn through in mere seconds — and if you, too, look around at the wrapping paper carnage stuffed in trash bags and feel a twinge of environmental guilt at all that shiny, glittery paper that can’t be shoved in the fireplace, you’re not alone. There are some gift wrapping hacks to help minimize the damage, but it’s still pretty substantial.

Resist the urge to declare Christmas ruined and bah humbug your way outta there, though. Instead, it’s time to call in the troops: your kids. Because we’ve got some kid-friendly holiday wrapping tricks up our sleeves. These hacks allow even the most unartistic (and the most five-year-old) among us to DIY holiday wrapping and be proud of what sits under the tree.

From hand-stamped fabric to paper letters with little trinkets sewn in, surprise balls all ages will love, and color-blocked felt pockets to hide delicate treasures, ditch the yearly avalanche of wrapping paper rolls from your closet and get the whole family working on these gorgeous DIY holiday wrapping ideas.

Furoshiki Gift Wrapping

Furoshiki is the art of traditional Japanese cloth wrapping, and it is an unexpected and fun way to wrap gifts for the holidays that adds an extra present once you’re done unwrapping. Use tea towels, aprons, bandanas, and more to wrap your gifts. Use simple linen cloth and fabric paint to create a customized print, or check out Cotton and Flax for some other options. 

Color Blocked Felt Pocket Wrapping

If you have teeny weeny gifts like jewelry, or gift cards, these color blocked felt pockets from Paper and Stitch are the perfect way to wrap them. Use geometric shapes and contrasting colors to make the pockets pop. Head over to Paper and Stitch for the tutorial.

Mini Christmas Tree Wrapping

Mini Christmas tree? Yes please. Using simple kraft paper and some trimmings from your tree, you can create the perfect mini tree to adorn your packages. A Piece of Rainbow has the full how to.

Dyed Gift Bags

In case you lean more towards bag than box, Paper & Stitch has a super cool step by step how to that involves nothing more than muslin bags, dye, and rubber bands to achieve this whimsical look. Stick with traditional holiday green and red, or use the full spectrum of the rainbow. 

Colorful DIY Wrapping

Leave it to the sister team behind A Beautiful Mess to come up with some festive wrapping with bright colors and bold patterns, from scraps of paper, cloth, ribbon and lace you probably have laying around. (That orange webbing? The mesh from a bag of clementines.) Go nuts with turning discraded things into wrapping, it’s all about recycling baby.

Surprise Balls

These surprise balls from Oh Happy Day are the perfect way to wrap up a bunch of little things into a quirky unveiling. My older sister used to make these for us at Christmas when we were kids. She recently resurrected that tradition, and dare I say, it’s even more fun as an adult. All you need is some little gifts or trinkets and a ball of crepe paper. 

Mini Wreath Wrapping

Home Depot is not the place I generally think of when I think of minimalist, nature inspired wrapping, but I’ll be damned if they didn’t hit this one on the nose. Head over to Home Depot’s blog to check out this DIY mini wreath to top your gifts.

Hand Painted Wrapping Paper

Alice and Lois are a duo of creative masterminds, and if you’re in a pinch for some last minute wrapping, this DIY for hand painted wrapping paper is adorable and so, so simple. The secret? Embrace the flaws. Not enough paint on that brushstroke? Resist the temptation to go over it again and go with the flow. 

Leather Wrapped Gifts

I’m sorry, how is this the first time I’m seeing leather wrapped gifts? Paper & Stitch have the perfect combo of edgy and modern DIY wrapping to make your gifts stand out under the tree. 

Splatterpaint Wrapping

Unleash your inner Pollack (or let your three year old go nuts) with this splatterpaint Wrapping DIY from DIY in PDX that requires only kraft paper, string, and paint. If so inclined, add a few sprigs of herbs or pine to tie the whole thing together.

Photo Tag DIY

Sometimes, the best gifts aren’t what’s in the box, it’s what’s on them. The Merrythought has the instructions for picking the best Instagram photo to use as a gift tag for your present. Pick a sweet photo of the recipient, or a shot of the giver and recipient together. Some jute and a sprig of greenery complete the look. 

DIY Painted Fabric Gift Wrap

Use solid colored fabric, fabric paint and stencills of your choosing to create these fabric wrappings by Paper & Stitch. You could also use stamps, or paint on everyday objects like leaves or pine boughs to use as all natural prints.

Paper Letter Wrapping

Trying to think of out of the box wrapping? Literally? A Subtle Revelry has the tutorial for these rad letters made from paper and sewn together to house special little gifts. Spell out your recipients name, the word xmas, or their initials. Add some watercolors and voila!

DIY Wallpaper Gift Bag

Gifts bags are cute, and easy to stuff some tissue paper in for some three second gift wrapping, but can also be pricey for something that gets put in a closet and maybe regifted, or forgotten or trashed. Oh Happy Day has a DIY for gift bags you can make yourself, and it’s easier than you think. Use some velvet or satin ribbon as handles, and you may never buy a gift bag again. 

Chalkboard Wrapping

Yes, chalkboard wrapping paper is a thing, and it lets you create with chalk (or chalkboard markers, if you’re worried about smudging) your own declaration of holiday cheer. 

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