A Girl Scout Got More Badges & a Whole Lot of Tips After Drag Queens Bought All Her Girl Scout Cookies

One beginner Girl Scout in California sold out her entire cookie inventory when drag queens and gay bar patrons started lining up. On two separate Sundays in early February, 7-year-old Siena Levin sold each and every one of her coveted cookie boxes when she took her stash to West Hollywood, a prominently LGBTQ neighborhood in Los Angeles.

Levin told Yahoo Life that during this Girl Scout cookie season (Yup, IKYMI, it’s that time of year!), she wanted to find a “high traffic, low competition” area for her stand so she could raise as much money as possible for her troop.

Well, she certainly accomplished her mission! With the help of her mom Jen, her little sister Riley, her aunt Julie, and local drag queens and gay bar patrons — who Siena said were friendly, kind, generous, and “really good tippers” — the young Girl Scout has raked in the dough for her Glendale, California troop. She has also earned her “My First Cookie Business” badge and the “Cookie Goal Setter” badge.

“It was so fun,” she said. “We were just walking and they’d stop, When they see one person buying, they’d all crowd in. One of the guys who bought cookies, he was really funny because he said, ‘You’re gonna make me fat!’”

“Some of the guys at the bar, they were trying to help us with sales,” Jen said. “They were yelling out for us, telling people to walk by. They were like, ‘You wanna buy some cookies? They take Venmo!’”

Levin’s aunt, a producer for The Bachelorette, shared a video of Siena’s sales and her excited customers on Instagram.

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