18-Year-old wakes up from a coma and learns that she has become a mother

The 18-year-old British Ebony Stevenson will be delivered in December 2018 because of severe abdominal cramps to the hospital. The Doctors put in an artificial coma. When she wakes up a few days later, she is already a mother. The teenage girl was pregnant without knowing it.

As Ebony Stevenson from Oldham in the UK on the evening of the 2. December went with a headache and Nausea to bed, she had no idea that would change within a few days her whole life. Because it is the teenage girl went over night from bad to worse, called mother, Sheree, the ambulance that took them to a hospital immediately, reports the British "Mirror".

So that you could examine the Doctors more accurate, put the doctors in an artificial coma. It is there that she discovered the reason for Ebony Stevenson’s complaints: The young woman suffered from Preeclampsia, a pregnancy poisoning. By Emergency caesarean section, the doctors took the newborn on the Morning of the 3. December to the world.

When Ebony awoke three days later from the coma, she learned that she had brought a child into the world. The 18-Year-old thought that it was a mistake, reported the "Mirror".

Because of two wombs, you got to continue period

It could even be that Ebonys remained pregnancy for so long undetected, due to the fact that she has two Wombs. One of them was turning to the back, therefore, the teenager grew no visible baby bump. The second uterus is ensured that the 18-Year-old got to continue your period. This so-called Uterus didelphys is an extremely rare congenital malformation. Less than one percent of all women with this deformity to the world.

After a total of a week in the ICU Ebony and her daughter Elodie made their way home. Ebony said to the “Mirror”: "Even though I had to prepare no time for me, I would want to change anything."