15 Quotes About Dads That Celebrate How Special Fathers Really Are


What makes someone a good dad? Is it being there for you, from the moment you’re born? Is it modeling strength of character, setting healthy boundaries, providing a shoulder to cry on, or showing affection? It could be one, some or all of these things… plus a whole lot more. The truth is, there’s no mold for a good dad (or a good mom). A good dad is simply there for you, with his whole heart — through the good times and the bad.

If you need a little help telling your dad (or dad figure) what they mean to you this Father’s Day, these quotes are a good place to start. Sure, you appreciate your dad every day of the year — and all good humans deserve a shout out on the regular — but he’ll appreciate hearing (or reading) it on this special day. Go on — tell him what he means to you.



What Matters

Obama has it spot on: parenting definitely takes courage. 

A Father’s Wallet

Because fatherhood is priceless. 

A Real Father

There’s a difference. 

The Greatest Gift

Possibly the best thing a parent can give their child.  

How to Live

Teaching by example. 

Being a Daddy


Always There

The good ones know where and when they’re needed the most.

The Heart

It’a all about love. 

Standing Tall

When fatherhood does, literally, bring you to your knees. 


Money is far from the most important thing a father can leave his children. 

Missing Daddy

We’re never too old to miss our dads. 


Those early years are crucial. 

The Older We Get

Funny how that works. 


Those theories always seem to fly right out the window. 

You Never Escape

They usually are. 

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