Young mother gets shock-diagnosis and may not now be able to see your daughter – you can help!

Annika Berger (28) from Ulm, Germany, is suffering from blood cancer. Your only chance of Survival: a stem cell donation. A registration action is to now help in the fight against the disease – and the little family together.

The life of a young woman is advised by the shocking diagnosis completely out of joint. As a Doctor, she realizes that she urgently needs a stem cell donation to survive the serious illness. Your family want the life-affirming help Annika is now in the process of the cancer to declare war, and organized the registration action "ANNIKA WAS A HERO!", the on 8. June 2019 in Ulm is to take place. The DKMS reported.

Annika from Ulm would like to hold your daughter again in the Arm

Due to the chemotherapy, Annika can’t see their five-month-old daughter, Louisa. To be able to your beloved daughter back in their arms, it must be healthy. To be able to a leukaemia to help find a stem cell donor whose tissue characteristics are almost identical with those of the affected Person. So a donor should be found at the registration action in Ulm now for Annika. Not only strengthens the family of the young mother’s back: friends and the citizens of centre Eselsberg participate.

Annika’s cousin, Kathrin Pfister calls on the citizens to let themselves be typecast: “It is important that as many people as possible as a potential stem cell donor register. Because only then you can be a life-saver found,“ she says according to the press release. “For those who sign up, it did a little good, but for a leukemia patient, it can be the great salvation and an opportunity to cure.”

So you can help Annika from Ulm

Also, you can help Annika in the fight against blood cancer by leaving with DKMS as potential donors to register. Anyone who is between 17 and 55 years old and healthy, can participate in the action.

The action will take place on Saturday, 08.06.2019 between 11 and 15 PM in the civic centre donkey mountain in the Virchowstr. 4 (89075 Ulm) instead. Who wants to be other ways to register, find information in the DKMS.