Women on TikTok are sharing their 'pregnancy noses' and yes, they're a thing

A new TikTok beauty standard just dropped, and this time it’s for pregnant women.

Yup. Mothers need not feel excluded from the constant emergence of New Things to Hate About Ourselves™ on social media. 

First came hip dips, then buccal fat and, now, ‘pregnancy nose’ – a term that has shifted into the mainstream after a number of women went viral after sharing before and after videos of their nose during pregnancy.

The women in the videos express shock (and sometimes even disgust) for how swollen their noses have become. 

Here’s the deal: your nose may change during pregnancy. But it really is nothing to worry about. 

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Dr Ashfaq Khan, consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist at Harley Street Gynaecology, tells Metro.co.uk that pregnancy nose is caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy. 

‘During the latter stages of pregnancy, some women do report that their noses seem larger, with congestion becoming a problem,’ he says. 

‘This is most likely a symptom of pregnancy rhinitis or inflammation of the mucus membranes in the nose.’

During pregnancy, the extra fluid in your body puts the lymphatic system under stress, he goes on.

‘This, in conjunction with increased blood supply means that mucus membranes within the body can experience increased pressure, with the nose being an area sometimes affected.’

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For the most part, pregnancy nose is rarely noticeable – you may just have some sniffles rather than a drastic new look – and not every woman is affected. 

We know what you’re thinking, but pregnancy nose isn’t preventable, so disregard any TikTok videos you see claiming to stop the change in its tracks. 

There’s not much you can do except wait it out, but Ashfaq reassures us that the shape and size of your nose should return to normal in the days and weeks after you give birth. 

Medically speaking, pregnancy nose isn’t harmful but, Ashfaq warns, ‘if it is accompanied by swelling elsewhere, nose bleeds, headaches and blurred vision, these could be signs of preeclampsia and medical attention should be sought immediately.’

At the end of the day, pregnancy nose shouldn’t be a source of shame. 

Whether it’s hair loss or weight gain, we need to stop talking negatively about the very normal and natural physical changes people experience when they’re bringing life into the world.

Pregnant people have enough on their plate as it is. 

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