Top 5 hangover cures popular on Tiktok

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Many of us were able to see in the new year with some form of celebration – and likely a bottle of bubbles, or two last night. However, after a night of fun and merriment comes the almost inevitable consequence – the hangover. 

Whilst some lucky souls are able to bounce back without much effort at all, most of us no longer have the luxury. In fact, we often require some additional help – as many TikTok users have been keen to share.  

In response, users of the social media platform have shared their best tips and tricks for coping with the morning-after consequences. Here are 5 popular cures:

The Indian Hangover Drink

The recipe was shared by TikTok user @desigirleatstheworld online, with the Californian native claiming to be a magic drink when it comes to “curing” her hangovers.

In the TikTok video, the drink is made by filling a large jar with sparkling water, and then with coconut water. A lime is then microwaved for ten seconds to soften the rind, making it easier to squeeze into the drink.

Finally, black salt is added to the drink, which is then mixed all together and consumed. It is worth noting that the final ingredient is not officially confirmed as black salt, however the video’s commentators speculated it was more than likely the final ingredient.

@desigirleats curing my hangover desi style #postwedding #hangovercure #asmr #asmrrecipe #drinkasmr #indiandrink #indianfood #desigirleatstheworld #hangover ♬ original sound – DesiGirlEats

A ballpoint pen

Yes, you read that right. TikToker Wellness with Sakshi, previously went viral for her two-minute hangover hack that involves using an acupuncture tool to soothe her sore head – or, if you don’t have an acupuncture tool lying around, use the top of a ballpoint pen. 

With 47.8K likes, people were keen to vouch for the success of the tip, 

@wellnesswithsakshi Of course the best cure is not drinking at all #facialreflexology ♬ original sound – Regina

Ice water

Though perhaps not an appealing option, one technique TikTok seems to praise is submerging your face in a bowl of ice water. User @ashyizzle tested the tip for herself, earning 3.5M likes – with a majority of the comments sharing similar success by those who copied her. 

@ashyizzle HACK CHECK ✔️ #hangovercure ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

A Berocca/squash cocktail

A slightly different kind of cocktail to the one you may have been drinking last night, user @ind.i.b.b swears by her unusual concoction. Listing her ingredients, she explains you will need a glass of water, one Berocca tablet, two aspirin/alkaseltzer, squash, and a pinch of salt – yum. yes I drink squash straight… here’s a #hangovercure to start your #newyear right (recipe is in comments if you didn’t catch it ������‍������) #hello2022 ♬ Say So (Instrumental Version) [Originally Performed by Doja Cat] – Elliot Van Coup

Use a Brita Filter

Whilst not technically a cure for hangovers, this tip can potentially save you from getting one in the first place. As @drchrispharmd explains, using a Brita filter on well liquor will remove some of the congeners/additives created during processing of these liquids. These molecules are partially responsible for hangovers – the filter can also make your liquor taste even better too. 

It should be mentioned that using a filter doesn’t lower the alcohol content however, so drinking too much will still end up with you feeling a little worse for wear. 

@drchrispharmd #stitch with @jarjarpen1s69 Using a Brita filter on well liquor will remove some of the congeners / additives created during processing. These molecules are partially responsible for hangovers. Brita filters weren’t designed for this purpose BUT they do it well, pun intended. #wellliquor #britafilter #congeners #additives #hangoverprevention #bettermorning ♬ original sound – DrChrisPharmD

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