These are the sex toys Canadians are buying

A new study by one of Canada’s largest sex toy retailers shows that Canadians are both kinky and old-school when it comes to the types of toys and accessories we’re buying to enhance our sex lives. The Toronto-based company PinkCherry dishes about the racy things Canadians are purchasing for their bedrooms, including which cities buy the most sex toys.

Residents of Calgary, Regina and Sudbury bought the most toys and accessories from PinkCherry. The company also found that most Canadians clicked on its lingerie and bondage sections, so we can deduce that Canadians have pretty active imaginations when it comes to their sex lives.

So what are the top three most common purchases Canadians are making from the company that boasts the status of being the “largest online adult retailer in Canada”?

1. The Original Magic Wand / $70

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