The doctor in charge at the Munich clinic for eight years, the Department – although he is not a doctor

At Munich’s Klinikum rechts der Isar allegedly worked for years with a doctor, no one, reported the Süddeutsche Zeitung (Saturday edition). Since 2011, the 44 heads the Experimental trauma surgery of the hospital of the TU Munich. There he focused on research for which he does not have to be a doctor; he was involved, according to SZ information is alleged but also on operations and has tested medical students.

The native Dutchman has apparently never approved as a doctor and not going to medical school. Rather, it is at the University of been Sciences Suffer in “Biomedicine” is formed – a scientific field that Know a lot about the human body, but to do with clinic and patient care has nothing.

Apply as a researcher as a highly competent

The hospital could not answer the question of whether patients were put at risk by the cooperation of the man, first of all – you have not been able to examine “the facts of the case nor comprehensive”. The Professor had been hired as a research assistant, for this Position is not a license to practice as a doctor to the hospital, according to “required”. The 44-Year-old flew on, apparently, because a PhD student would have needed a special permit from him, which can only obtain a licensed physician.

With colleagues at the Klinikum rechts der Isar of the supposed doctor is popular – as a researcher, he is considered to be high-competent. What led him to impersonating a doctor, is unclear, the man said. The obvious would be that the medical title has transported his career. In the clinic, operating scientists, for all its competence often has the Look – even when it comes to research, you often are better trained than Doctors.