Teacher loses more than 5st in SIX months after making these changes: ‘It just works’

Everyone has a different method of weight loss, so it’s always important to find the one that works best.

Luke Mason, from Essex, lost a total of 5st 5lbs in six months when he made changes to his lifestyle.

At his heaviest, the teacher, 29, tipped the scales at 20st 0.5lbs eating everything from sweets and chocolates.

Then Luke and his wife, Hannah, decided to make changes to their diets and turned to Slimming World.

Now speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, the dad-of-one has revealed how the plan helped him to lose weight.

“My wife and I decided to join Slimming World on a complete whim”

Luke Mason

He said: “My wife and I decided to join Slimming World on a complete whim, five minutes before the class started.

“I was completely unhappy with where my weight was but always found it very difficult to get out of the bad habit and comfort of a million calories and a bucket of sugar a day.

“My diet essentially consisted of all the things you shouldn’t eat to excess but in excess – white breads, sweets, chocolates and fizzy drinks – with very little fruit and no vegetables.”

The couple joined their local Slimming World group in April 2018 and begun the Food Optimising eating plan.

Luke added: “Some sort of switch clicked in my head and I was eating all sorts of vegetables and fruit, trying new things and actually enjoying food.

“Changing my relationship with food as a fuel source rather than the temporary enjoyment of overeating sheer quantities of bad food was the key corner-turner for me and the Slimming World Food Optimising eating plan enabled that.

“In addition to eating better, I increased my physical fitness and exercise to accompany my weight loss journey.”

The teacher began a number of home workout programmes and began running up to 10 miles.

Then once he hit his target weight of 14st 7lbs, Luke felt “healthier” and “fitter”.

“Slimming World has given me a fantastic foundation to rebuild a healthier and stronger life,” Luke revealed.

He continued: “I’m also a teacher so it’s great to be able to promote a healthier lifestyle to my students.

“I feel amazing and have set myself some new goals to make sure I maintain the new me, like doing a triathlon in the next few years.”

Since his weight loss, Luke is able to walk up the stairs without gasping or sweating and even sleeps better.

Luke concluded: “I no longer have to worry about my weight on rides or ziplines and being a tall chap and having lost weight, when I fly I can now easily fit width wise into seats, maximising the minimal leg room.

“I have greatly reduced the amount of refined sugar in my diet, reducing sugary sweets, cakes, biscuits and drinks, while still enjoying a treat every now and then – just in moderation.

“In addition, I have greatly regulated my portion and quantity control – this was also a large part of my previous diet (and subsequent weight).

“I stuck to the plan 100% to get my target weight – it just works if you stick to it.”

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