Study: the Statutory health insurance better than Private health insurance

Private health insurance companies lose to the Statutory

Insured in the statutory health insurance companies often feel as a patient second-class. Right? A recent study, the answer is: no! Although by law the Insured will have to wait longer to your specialist appointments, a total of the protection of the statutory health insurance was more comprehensive than private insurance.

The health insurance study was conducted by the consulting firm, the premium circle of the Green parliamentary group in the order given. In more than 100 criteria, the benefits of the statutory health insurance(Shi) were compared with those of the private health insurance (PKV). The amazing result: The statutory funds had the nose in front.

Insufficient protection in the case of the Private

Premium circle defined for the study, 103 minimum criteria that should be covered by a health insurance according to the experts. These criteria included outpatient and inpatient treatments, medications, treatments, Rehabilitation services, dental treatment, transport, preventive measures and vaccinations, for example. On average, insurance companies do not cover private according to the study, 27 percent of these criteria. In contrast, the premium circle was able to find that in the case of the Shi, only three percent of the elementary services are not funded.

Here, the Private front

In particular, in the case of the specialist doctor’s appointments is a big difference. GKV-patients have, on average, have to wait much longer for their appointments with the specialist as a private insured. Also for stationary supplies in the hospital, the PKV afford it more often, because, for example, single-bed rooms are included in the Fund’s performance. Furthermore, the PKV could have scored in the dental treatments. It comes to dentures, the private insurance companies usually cost more.

Large performance differences in private insurance

In the studies, the rates of 32 PKV were put under the microscope. The cost of this insurance were between 480 and 730 euros per month. For some, there were, in addition, a deductible of up to 1000 Euro. The benefits that one receives for these posts, vary enormously between providers. The premium tariff of the Barmenia 99 of the 103 basic services covered, for example. In contrast, in the most expensive Tariff of the Mecklenburg insurance are financed just 32 of the 103 criteria.

These services are in the statutory health insurance better

In the case of cures and rehabilitation offered were clearly points in the GKV. Almost half of the private insurance rates showed large gaps in financing. For example, no in-patient Rehabilitation have been many private health insurance Rates after a hospital stay is guaranteed. Deficits in care in private insurance, there is, according to the study in the field of palliative care, nursing care, psychotherapy, as well as vaccinations.

Statutory health insurance – better than their reputation

“The recurring statement, the statutory health insurance was only second-rate, this study clearly resist,” stresses Maria Klein-Schmeink, the health expert of the Green group in the Bundestag compared with the editors ‘ network of Germany. (vb)