Stomach bloating: Three dietary tips to soothe your tummy swelling

Stomach bloating typically describes what happens when too much gas fills up the gastrointestinal tract. This can result in a stretchy, puffy sensation in the tummy and painful abdominal cramps. Bloating can also be the result of excess water in the body. If this is the case, simple dietary tweaks can help to beat the bloat.

All three ingredients contain potassium which is a diuretic

Dr Oz

Diuretics assist a person’s kidneys in releasing water from their body.

If bloating is a result of retaining water, diuretics can flush the water from a person’s system, reducing the tummy swelling in the process.

According to Dr Oz, there are are number of natural diuretics. If a person wakes up feeling bloated, they should opt for a smoothie that has bananas, avocado, and coconut water, he advised.

As he explained: “All three ingredients contain potassium which is a diuretic.”

If people experience a midday bloat, swapping a carbonated drink for a parsley-infused green tea may do the trick.

“Parsley and the caffeine found in green tea will help flush your system,” explained Dr Oz.

Dr Oz also recommended packing lunch and dinner with diuretic fruits and vegetables.

He singles out cucumber as particularly beneficial for the bloat.

As he explained: “The high water and low fibre content of these tasty vegetables can cause increased urination, which in turn, makes you feel slimmer.”

If the problem persists, it may signify a food intolerance.

According to the NHS, a food intolerance can lead to bloating when:

  • A person’s bowel does not empty properly
  • The food causes gas to be trapped
  • Too much gas is produced as a reaction to the food

The most common foods to cause problems are wheat or gluten and dairy products.

The best approach if a person has a food intolerance is to eat less of the culprit or cut it out completely, advised the health body.

It is also worth keeping a food diary for a couple of weeks, noting everything that a person eats and drinks, and when bloating troubles them the most.

Another lesser-known cause of bloating relates to a person’s emotional health. Click here to find out more.

If constipation is the underlying trigger, adding upping fibre intake, drinking lots of fluids and exercising regularly may help, noted the NHS.

“Even a 20 to 30 minute brisk walk 4 times a week can improve your bowel function,” it added.


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