Sophia Thiel: extra pounds at Christmas to avoid – so it works

Sweet cookies, juicy Roast and Raclette. During the holidays we have a feast, what your heart desires. Often, the disillusionment follows quickly, if in the new year the scale shows a few pounds more – but that must not be.

In an Interview with ‘Intouch’ betrayed the Fitness icon Sophia Thiel, how she gets her toned body with no extra pounds through the holiday season, and yet the holidays can still enjoy.

The Workout loop

Christmas is a merry time, the use of many people, to recharge your batteries, the one or the other Workout may occasionally damage but also.

“In spite of the holidays, exercise regularly, and not in the winter sleep expire! Thus, it also creates the sporty start into the new year a lot easier,” advises the Athlete.

We love the Christmas season but also especially because of the many Treats that there are daily. To resist all the Goodies, because it will be hard for real. But this is not necessary.

Everything in moderation

“In the diet, it is of course a bit more difficult. Instead of 20, ten places, and the heavy gravy rich maybe you can also omit”, she suggests.

You should lose your temper and you about the cookie jar attack, can take your body but also the calories.

“You don’t have to take between Christmas and new year’s eve, radical much. What do you do between new year and the next Christmas – that is crucial,” stressed Sophia to Intouch.

Balanced and without Stress

When the holidays are over, you’re into the new year started and with horror find have to, but the one or other Kilo, you don’t need to despair.

Sophia advises, to let it is still slow and force yourself. Only those who can be patient, could, in the long term to achieve success.

“A regular Sport in the everyday routines and the diet is again a gradual change – these are the most important things, on which you should concentrate,” she adds.

In the meantime, you can also use some of the excess calories prevent, by putting over the holidays with a balanced life style.

Put simply, a healthy Raclette variant, bake a healthier cookie, and move in the fresh winter air. Then you’re guaranteed great Kilo-frustration through the Christmas season.

Cornelia Bertram

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