Scotsman came out of coma convinced he was in California

A man who spent two weeks in a coma woke up thinking he was considerably richer and friends with A-listers.

After waking from the coma, Mark Gibbs’s hallucinations made him adamant he was in California, had won £50,000, and that pop sensation Rihanna was coming to see him.

‘When I had the realisation it wasn’t real I was a bit gutted,’ the 42-year-old said.

However, despite finding it funny on reflection, Mark says he wants his story to be a cautionary tale.

Mark was found unconscious in his home in April 2023 and rushed to hospital, where doctors discovered he had liver and kidney failure, due to his struggles with alcohol and drug abuse. As a result, he was put in a coma.

Former hospital porter, Mark, said: ‘I’m a walking advert for not taking drink or drugs.’

Mark, from Ayrshire, was in a coma for two weeks before coming round but was hallucinating for a further five weeks.

Doctors told the 42-year-old he had suffered two strokes during this time – resulting in him losing the use of his left arm and developing difficulties with speech.

He added: ‘My legs are still weak. I want to build them up to play football again.

‘The nerves are totally dead in my left arm and hand. I can just twitch my fingers.’

In total, Mark spent eight weeks in hospital recovering before he was able to go home.

But the health scare was a wake-up call for Mark, who has now been sober since April.

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