Save the kidney As a vital Organ in oblivion

Mass with kidney disease – but no one is doing what

More than every tenth person in Germany is considered to be kidney disease. In spite of the many Concerned, it kidney like medicines or even treatments for damaged. To make matters worse, diseases such as hypertension, Diabetes, and Obesity damage the kidney. In the end, only dialysis or a transplant remains the treatment option.

For this reason, has a Team of renowned researchers and Doctors work together to change this Situation. The Northern composite kidney to “Save the Kidney” (Save the kidneys) would like to build a network, to research on the kidney, and to drive and back to the kidneys in the health perception of the Public.

The Kidneys – the forgotten Organ

“The kidney is, unfortunately, in public consciousness and in the promotion of research, the forgotten Organ,” says Professor Dr. Nicole Finally from the University medical center of the situation of Greifswald. For the researchers this is totally incomprehensible, because the Organ is vital, and kidney diseases are highly prevalent. In some Federal States like Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, even 17 percent of the population were affected. Around 90,000 people are in need of regular dialysis.

Why the kidneys are so important

“The kidneys are the Central vital organs,” explains the Northern Association of kidney on the website of the organization. They are the filter systems of the body. Without the kidneys the body can excrete any metabolic waste products and foreign substances. The so-called Renal corpuscles in the Organ filters continuously in our blood and sort out pollutants. This will then be forwarded to the excretion to the bladder.

Why are kidney a lot of people sick?

As the Expert reports of experts, many diseases such as hypertension, Diabetes, and obesity (obesity) a negative impact on the kidney. Also a poor diet and some medications can lead to kidney damage. Furthermore, a hereditary predisposition exists in some people.

What happens in the case of a damaged kidney?

According to the researchers, the above-mentioned factors to a so-called “Effacemant”. The toothed membrane of the kidney flattens out the feet, which are important substances of unimportant separates. The Filter is as a result full of holes, important proteins move through and are excreted in large amounts in the urine. This state is referred to in medicine as proteinuria. In the advanced stage of a multi-organ threatening this failure. Drugs and therapies against this condition, in the absence of time altogether.

Undesirable developments in policy and research

“We have therefore made it our task to make in addition to our intensive research activities for better chances of a cure, the Public and policy makers to unwelcome developments in this area closely,” says the Professor of the North group for kidney. (vb)