Rita Ora's Abs Look Positively Chiseled In Her Vacation Photos From Ibiza

  • Rita Ora is on a relaxing vacation in Ibiza with friends.
  • The pop singer shared a series of bikini photos to Instagram during her trip.
  • Her abs look so toned in a tiny black string bikini.

Rita Ora may be enjoying a relaxing vacation in Ibiza with friends, but the pop singer’s body—specifically her rock-hard abs—show off all the hard work she’s put into staying fit this year. In a series of photos posted to Instagram, Rita shows off just how much fun they’re having, all while looking as incredible as the island backdrop behind her.

Rita’s standing on the back of a boat named “Great News”, and her pics are just that. They are great news for chic black bikinis—her string bikini looks stunning (and like it’s barely holding on to her bod). Her snaps are great news for the gorgeous Ibiza coastline—that water looks oh so refreshing.

And of course, the photos are great news for crazy-toned abs everywhere, which Rita personally has on lock. The “Ritual” singer captioned her hot hot hot snaps: “I mean the gals are Gona hate that they’re in this but today was so relaxing and just pure bliss. 😍”

In addition to her six-pack (at least), Rita’s obliques are truly noteworthy. They are super defined above her teeny weeny string bikini bottoms. Btw, she shared several photos, and there is not one bad angle among them.


I mean the gals are Gona hate that they’re in this but today was so relaxing and just pure bliss. 😍

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Rita is also all about body positivity, and with those abs, it’s easy to see why. “You have to come to terms with loving your body,” she shared in an interview. “Stand naked in front of the mirror, and say, ‘I’m f—king sexy.’ That’s where it starts.”

The affirmations are one thing, but her abs came from years of hard work in the gym. She also had a refreshing reason for upping her workout regimen a few years ago. “I started working out to feel better,” Rita told Shape. “And I think it’s important for women to know that.”


I’ll be here 💞

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So, what does her workout look like? Rita says she tries to work out for one or two hours and does circuit training with weights and cardio. Leg day is a major focus for her with a lot of squats and working with a heavy sled, which she groaned through and shared on Instagram. Rita doesn’t share many workouts with followers, but all her bikini photos show she is not slacking off.

Brb, adding another leg day to the week.

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