Relationship: when is a I love You too early?

It is a very special Moment when you for the first Time, a new Partner to pronounce – the famous three words “I love you”.

It can be a carefully selected and planned the moment or spontaneously arise. Just rush, you should not the Declaration of love – but why?

“I love you”: How these words can act

It admits a new Partner too early is his love, it can have a different effect than the one hoped for.

While the pictures one might have a future together, the other maybe emotionally still in the first learning phase to know.

The words “I love you” can build up enormous pressure, because it is also the expectation of at least a “I get you, too!” back somewhere.

The Partner, however, is not so far, then him or you can scare the waste.

You should not “say I love you” and then think that the other safe, the opposite may be the case.

In addition, you should bear in mind that some people need longer to open up emotionally and feel the need to utter these words and to hear.

How to find the right Moment?

Whom it literally on the lips to burn, to give his love expression, then you should watch the Partner carefully, and a little trial balloons sent to vorzufühlen, as tender words to arrive.

The other winds in, you should move his big revelation, maybe a little bit. A loving conversation, is developing you can venture in the near future and has agreed to the other a little.

If the other expects or even hope, that one says something that is generally better than coming up to someone completely.

What are the milestones that should have happened a relationship you

To call someone to get to know and after three days of “I love you!”, comes across slightly inflationary. How can you not love someone really, you know even right?

Thus, the light of love can seem, you should also have a look at any shadow cast.

A confession of love is really good, when the beloved has the feeling to be really as a person with corners and edges perceived.

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That is why it is a good idea to wait with the love of revelation to:

  • you quarreled once, because the relationship is a step further in reality, and you can already see, whether you can reconcile good again
  • we have not seen each other naked, because you don’t want to buy the cat in the bag, but because it somehow sounds more convincing
  • it was first annoyed by the other – after all, who looks at the other with a pink-red glasses says probably more a Dream than the real people
  • you have made friends of the other – because if it is hidden in front of you, is not meant to be the Whole, perhaps, but serious?

Generous dealing with feelings is a wonderful gesture, but no one should throw the other in front of the feet. And who knows, perhaps the Partner is a even before.

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