Relationship question: love or career: How would you decide?

Now, whoever wants to come in your career, take in purchase to be always reachable and to push also changes Overtime.

But you would sacrifice for the career of not only his leisure, but also his relationship?

This question is investigated by the Dating service Parship in a survey.

The result can be When career changes, the relationship is in danger. For most respondents, however, is that love comes before career.

17 percent of all Germans are convinced, that regardless of the employment offer, the love always comes first.

The approximately 1,000 participants in the survey know but differentiate quite.

Love Killer Abroad Jobs?

If it goes abroad, the majority of the brake, with Around a third of all respondents would not be set for a career abroad, your relationship on the game.

Even a different city for almost a quarter of the question. 26 percent would earnings a promotion out if this would be a lot of traveling. The image is reinforced once again, when young comes. Just eight percent of the respondents are of the view that they would not reduce their working time when a Baby is in the house.

Layer services are poison to the relationship

Layer services can also be a love killer, it is Often only in the hallway, if one comes and the other goes.

Therefore, nearly a quarter of all Germans are under no circumstances willing to work in shifts to accept the operation.

Also when it comes to self-employment, has each of the Fifth, especially because of love in mind: The time that starting a company takes a claim, usually at the expense of the relationship.

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Together the A’s and O’s talk

For the Parship psychologist and couple consultant Markus Ernst, it comes down to the Balance — this means that the relationship need not be always unconditionally in the first place:

“In a relationship at eye level, the professional development should be discussed the possibilities for both partners and jointly decided. It is not always advisable, all the career potential for the love of negative,” he explains.

He even sees a certain danger in it, to put everything aside when it comes to the Partner. So one can feel through the other slowed down.

Conversely, the can no longer have a Partner, feelings of guilt, to support his other half. “It is always that, together, weigh, what career steps are important, and possible, without compromising the relationship,” says relationship expert.

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