Rebecca Crews, Singer and Wife of Actor Terry Crews, Shares Breast Cancer Journey

He’s been doing all the grocery shopping, and Rebecca is sleeping in the guest room as an extra precaution, she says.

The couple, like many others throughout the country, are practicing social distancing at home during the pandemic with their two youngest kids: Wynfrey, 17, and Isiah, 14.

Crews says they’ve found ways to re-connect and step away from their phones as they “hunker down,” like playing board games.

She’s also using the quiet time at home to reflect on her whirlwind cancer journey and adopt a healthier lifestyle, like eating less sugar and dairy.

“I’m doing a little soul searching and asking myself what’s important to me,” she says. But other than that … my life is in a good balance, and I have so many happy, exciting things to focus on.”

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