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Effects of high protein diet on mortality

The daily intake of proteins through the diet, according to a recent study in connection with the risk of early death. In the case of high protein intake and total mortality decline, therefore, and also the risk of fatal cardiovascular diseases.

How protein-rich diet, the total mortality and the risk of death by cardiovascular disease and cancer are influenced, have Iranian and US studied-American Researchers in a recent study. In particular, the intake of vegetable protein is associated according to their findings “with a lower risk of total mortality and mortality by cardiovascular diseases.” Was published the study in the journal “BMJ”.

Dose-response relationship investigated

“The aim was to investigate and quantify the potential dose-response relationship between the intake of total protein, animal and vegetable Protein and risk of Mortality from all causes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer,” report the researchers. For this purpose, they analyzed the available scientific publications up to December 2019 and account for a total of 31 cohort studies for their data analysis.

Plant proteins are particularly advantageous

“During the follow-up time of 3.5 to 32 years, cases were reported in 715.128 Participating 113.039 death (16.429 by cardiovascular diseases and 22.303 by cancer)”, so as a research team. The intake of total protein was associated with a lower risk of total mortality and the intake of plant protein with both a lower risk of total mortality, as well as the mortality due to cardiovascular diseases. The cancer mortality remains of the protein intake is unaffected.

Lower risk of fatal cardiovascular diseases

The dose-response analysis has confirmed the link between vegetable protein and all-cause mortality. “An additional supply of three percent of their energy from plant proteins per day was associated with a five percent lower risk for all causes of death,” report the researchers. The face of the unique benefits of plant proteins compared to animal sources of protein,could increase the replacement of food with a high content of animal Protein by vegetable protein sources, the life expectancy, so the conclusion of the research team.

What are the best vegetable sources of protein are?

Among the plant foods that are naturally rich in Protein, according to the German nutrition society (DGE), for example, legumes such as soy, lentils and peas, as well as grain products such as bread. However, the DGE recommends a combination of plant-based foods, because they contain individually often the full spectrum of the so-called essential amino acids. “Through the targeted combination of, for example, cereals with sleeve no fruit, as in the case of lens vegetables with rice or pea-pot with bread, this can be compensated for,” the note of the DGE. (fp)

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