Posture expert recommends two ‘magic’ sleeping positions for a healthy spine

Back pain is a common problem that affects around four in five Britons, leaving many backs across the country sore.

In fact, up to 85 percent of people will experience the uncomfortable problem at some point in their lives.

From jobs that have you hunched over a screen for hours every day to lack of exercise, there are many triggers for the common problem.

However, it seems that the way you sleep could be another factor in keeping your spine healthy.

Once you crawl into bed after a long day, you probably gravitate to a position that feels the most comfortable.

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Plus, there’s no way to guarantee you won’t naturally change your position once you’re deep asleep.

However, starting off in the right position could have a significant impact on your spine, according to James Leinhardt, founder of Levitex, a pillow and mattress brand that focuses on spine health.

Leinhardt spent over a decade working with people with critical injuries and who are chronically ill to improve their quality of sleep.

Based on his experience, he took to TikTok and recommended opting for two “magic” sleeping positions: the “dreamer” and the “soldier”.

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Resembling the foetal position, the dreamer requires you to lie on your side with your knees brought slightly up and your arms in front of you.

The expert added that you can also place a pillow in between your knees for extra support, but this is optional.

Leinhardt explained that this position has the least amount of tension on the spine.


The second position is basically just lying directly on your back, which helps to evenly distribute your weight.

Leinhardt said: “If you’re lying on your back, your spine is immediately supported by the mattress, and you’ve got the most even distribution of body weight.

“If you pop a pillow underneath your knees, you’ll find that you slightly tilt your pelvis and more of your back is now touching the bed. It’s better supported.”

While there is a whole variety of sleeping positions, the dreamer and the soldier are the best ones for looking after your spine, the expert shared.

Furthermore, he also advised avoiding sleeping on your front unless you have a condition which requires you to do so.

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