Pilates instructor left in agony as she hasn’t had a ‘proper’ wee in two years

A pilates instructor has been unable to have a proper wee for two years.

Zoe McKenzie, 27, was left in “absolute agony” as her bladder muscles went into spasm, allowing her to pass only a tiny amount of urine.

She was diagnosed with Fowler’s Syndrome, in which the muscle which keeps people continent cannot relax, leaving sufferers unable to wee properly.

Zoe, pictured, said: “It was as if my bladder muscles were clamping shut. I’d be desperate for the loo, but unable to go.”

Zoe, from Colchester, Essex, now uses a catheter and is waiting for surgery to ease the symptoms.

She added: “People may find their body image hugely impacted [by catheters] or even things like their sex lives.

“Catheters can make sex pretty impossible but… I don’t have a choice.”

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