Partnership: happy Together by eating a healthy diet

Elliptical Reviews, a review platform for Crosstrainer, interviewed 1000 people about how their eating had an impact on the cohesion of the relationship.

Healthy Few diets strength of the relationship

The same healthy diet makes couples happy and reduces the risk of a separation, the study showed:

Individuals in partnerships in which both of a vegetarian or Mediterranean Essweise were, were particularly satisfied in your relationship.

Conversely, couples in which only a part of tried to of a healthy diet were particularly dissatisfied.

Why make common Fitness ambitions, to be happy?

Together fit by eating: Why community, a healthy diet agreed to couples happier, the study made no answer.

Probably there was in them, among other things, less discussions about what end up on the dining table. This cooking is worth it, or Rinse, as a study showed to better Sex.

It can have a demotivating effect, when the Dearest to the Pizza attacks, you tried to abstain from Fast Food.

But not only healthy Few diets support a partnership, joint Training strengthens the love.

Reading tip: These couples have met in the Sport

Nutritional awareness is contagious

A healthy relationship with food seduced in the study also the other relationship is part to Join in:

Much of the particular nutrition-conscious subjects, namely, a whopping 95 percent, had your Partner already has the same, healthy eating ambitions in common.

Even those who began to deal just with a healthy Essweise, influenced his better half: 60 percent of those who attempted a diet were the diet of your partner inspired.

Mutual support in a healthy eating seems to boost relations. No wonder, because healthy food with vegetables is considered the true mood do about the General well-being increases. Essbedingte Kabelleien and grumpy comments in the partnership, adé!

Olivia Samnick

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