“One of the worst sins of the Christmas plate is”

SPIEGEL ONLINE: today I have a chocolate Santa Claus plastered, a dozen cookies eaten and go to the Christmas market to drink mulled wine. What is the impact on my body?

Gahl: When the daily workload is sure to increase, because more calories than you need. It’s very common. In the Christmas season, we often move less, perhaps because it is cold outside, or we make ourselves at home with family or friends comfortably. At the same time we feast properly. The excess calories it stores our body fat, in order for the emergency plan. He is programmed.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: How much harm the Feasting for the holidays, the health?

Gahl: In General, the body well, except for you exaggerate wildly and spoils thus, for example, the stomach. That half of the people in Germany is overweight, but not at Christmas time, but at the 330 other days of the year. Who eat a balanced diet the Rest of the year, so it can feast on at Christmas.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What is the worst calorie bomb?

Gahl: A dinner with goose, red cabbage and dumplings, depending on the preparation to the 800 calories, mainly because of the greasy skin. That sounds like a lot, but something you eat, not just by the way or every day. Tricky sweets. 100 grams of Vanilla have about 500 calories, but hardly satiated. On the contrary, who nibbles constantly, which increases the insulin level drops frequently, and the one who gets the faster hungry again.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: What pitfalls are there and how can they be avoided?

Gahl: One of the worst sins is the Christmas plate. Because we can access on the go, and this means that much more to eat sweets, as we want to, actually, and it would otherwise do. But to be honest: Everyone loves Christmas plate. I also have a. I have not put on my but only cookies and chocolate, but also tangerines and nuts. In addition, he is small and is only 2. Advent on the table.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Can one daytime calories to save up, in the evening right punch?

Gahl: The. At the end of the day, the calorie balance. When I have added, is secondary. I rate but to starve all day and then in the evening, the great Christmas menu to devour. For anyone who has the munchies, eat all the more. I would not omit Breakfast and lunch for that reason, but maybe in the morning, a yogurt, and for lunch eat a salad.

SPIEGEL ONLINE:is it Enough if I have to duck a vegetable to eat?

Gahl: That’s a good place to start. Who wants to save calories, you should rather omit the dumplings and the red cabbage. Instead of shrimp cocktail you can serve to anticipate a field or endive salad. The have just season. It must not be a duck. Fish fillet or beef steak are good Alternatives and often have few calories.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: How do I the extra pounds after Christmas?

Gahl: A Crash diet is not a good idea. The body then switches into the emergency mode and at the next opportunity, the more fat – the famous yo-yo effect. Anyone who gives up a day to about 500 calories, you can lose per week, a half to one Kilo. However, this is only an average and varies greatly from person to person. Nevertheless, those who approach it with discipline, can be reached in four to eight weeks, so again be the starting weight. Is the pleasure of eating at Christmas, not driving a to permanent Obesity.

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