Nuts in pregnancy make kids smarter

Expectant mothers should take nuts to

Certainly many parents wish that their child is in school more attentive and better results with the class made to work. The performance of children can be promoted according to a recent study by becoming increasingly mothers in pregnancy, eat nuts. This resulted in children later in life to increased attention, a better memory and a General improvement in mental abilities.

In a recent examination of the Barcelona Institute for Global Health, it was found that when the impact at the end of mothers during their pregnancy, eat nuts, a positive effect on the thinking power and memory of the child. The results of the study were published in the English scientific journal “European Journal of Epidemiology”.

The consumption of nuts during pregnancy has a positive effect on the mental health of the child. Gonna take mothers enough nuts to, this increases the thinking ability and memory of the child. (Photo: George Dolgikh/

Nuts should be consumed in the first trimester of pregnancy

The new study suggests that the consumption of nuts increased during the first trimester of pregnancy, the mental abilities of the baby. This process seems to be in nuts contained folic acid and fatty acids triggered, speculate the researchers. It is recommended that pregnant women should have about three handfuls of nuts per week (90 g) within the first three months of pregnancy eat. „For this, for example, walnuts, almonds, pine nuts or Haselnüsse“, according to the researchers.

Of 2,000 mothers and their children participated in study

For the study of 2,200 mothers and their children were studied. The mothers filled out a questionnaire on eating habits and their adolescent offspring completed a number of tests. This assessed their ability to think, attention, and memory in the age of 18 months, as well as the ages of five and eight years.

The children whose mothers consumed in the first Trimester, most of the nuts, achieved the best results. The observed positive effects could be due to the fact that the nuts had a high content of folic acid and, in particular, essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6. „It is the first study, what the possible benefits of consuming nuts during pregnancy for the development of the child in the long run untersuchten“, the authors of the study reports.

Maternal nutrition affects the brain development of the fetus

The brain goes through during pregnancy, a number of complex processes. This means that the maternal diet is a critical factor for the brain development of the fetus and long-term effects.

Folic acid and, in particular, essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 tend to be in the so-called neural tissue to accumulate, especially in the frontal areas of the brain that affect memory and Executive functions. It is already known that nuts can also reduce the risk for hypertension and Diabetes and in the age before the mental deterioration protect. The study examined the nut consumption was looking for in the last three months of pregnancy, noted, however, that such consumer generated little subsequent effect. (as)