New blood test improves diagnosis of heart diseases

25 new biomarkers for heart failure discovered

A new blood test for heart disease is currently causing a stir in the medical research. In the case of the new method 25 additional biomarkers for heart errors, whereby, the diagnosis must be accurate and reliable. For comparison: In the present investigations, only one Protein is used for diagnosis.

Researchers from the Queen’s University, Belfast, have recently introduced a new Test that will revolutionise the diagnosis of heart diseases. In particular, in the detection of heart failure (congestive heart failure) to bring the new blood test significant improvements. The Team identified 25 novel proteins that may indicate weakness in the presence of a heart. The results of the study were recently presented at the conference of the “British Cardiovascular Society”.

Heart failure is the most common reason for hospital stays

Heart failure is a long-term disease that occurs when the heart is able to pump blood effectively through the body, as it should. The main symptoms of heart failure shortness of breath, chronic tiredness and a frequent feeling of weakness are. For many people, significant complaints, but it is only when the disease is already more advanced. In Germany, two to three million people are affected by a heart weakness. Heart disease is the most common reason for a hospital stay.

Current diagnosis obsolete

At present, the level of a Protein called B is used for the diagnosis of heart failure routinely-type Natriuretic peptide (BNP). Increased levels of this Protein are considered to be a risk signal for the presence of heart failure. However, there are many reasons for increased BNP levels, stress the researchers. So, for example, some drugs, high body weight and age can lead to changes in the mirror. These factors can affect the accuracy and reliability of BNP measurements.

For the first time, several biomarkers for heart failure are used

The Team led by Dr. Chris Watson and Dr. Claire Tonry identified 25 other biomarkers associated with heart failure in connection. These are now to be additionally determined in a blood test to support the diagnosis. “There is an urgent need to develop Tests that heart failure can earlier and more accurately diagnosed, in order to improve the outcomes for patients with this disease,” says Dr. Tonry in a press release of the study results. “With our new method, we can measure for the first time, several proteins simultaneously from a small amount of blood,” says the expert.

Early treatment of a heart weakness is important

“We are seeing a significant increase in the number of people with heart failure to the hospital,” adds Dr. Sonya Babu-Narayan, the British Heart Foundation. The population will be getting older and more and more people would develop a heart failure, after you have survived a heart attack. It is essential that heart failure is diagnosed quickly as possible because early treatment can delay the progression of the disease effectively. “This will help to get your symptoms under better control, so that they can lead a full and active life,” says the Doctor. (vb)