Net Worth of News Anchors

News anchors are quite blessed because they get paid a good amount of money. Some may even think that they’re richer than some celebrities in Hollywood. We might not realize it, but most anchors have been in the industry for decades already so it was easy for them to earn a million-dollar salary and a stable career management. A lot of these anchors are approaching an age where they’d soon kick off their boots after being satisfied with their credit score, but we’re sure all the fruits of their labor would leave them with no financial struggle at all. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular news anchors and revel at how big of a net worth each of them has.

Sean Hannity is known for hosting Fox News’ Hannity and The Sean Hannity Show. He has been a very notable host for almost three decades and his net worth now amounts to a whopping $80 million. We’re sure that his success has helped him provide a very good life to his wife and two kids – perhaps even securing one of the best life insurance plans out there.

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