NAI from the 15.12.2018: Strong immune system

The current issue of the New pharmacies is illustrated by the 15. December 2018 is located in many pharmacies ready. In the current issue you will get good tips on how to strengthen the immune system.

With the wet cold weather, in the dark Season of the year, a wave of colds and flu approach rolls out reliably every year. Vitamins, sports, Sauna – what strengthens the immune system and helps to keep viruses at Bay? Read more about this in the title post of the current issue of the New pharmacies are illustrated.

A disturbed eating behavior in most cases is no trivial matter. Master of science in education Sigrid Borse, Director of the Frankfurt centre for eating disorders, recommends to respond to families and Concerned, quickly. Read more about this in the post Psyche in Need: help with eating disorders online on

The price puzzle: The competition of the current edition there are again 500 Euro to win. You can participate by profit-Hotline or online at

Other topics include: No fear of blood sponge cosmetics: skin care for men Good intentions: Finally, hold on

Individual papers in this issue can be found in full length here in the area of the New pharmacies are illustrated. You want to read the entire issue? No Problem: The pharmacy list tells you where you can get close to the New pharmacies are Illustrated.


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