My Mole is dangerous? These signs you should know

Some of the grace one, the other one feels rather than ugly – and dangerous most of the spots on the skin are not in any case. You can use it. Therefore, it is important to have abnormal liver spots to investigate. But how to recognize them?

Liver spots are accumulations of cells, simply put. There are cells in our body, which produce a brown pigment called Melanin – is a kind of color workshop of the body. These cells are called melanocytes. In some Places, melanocytes, collect, share, and then fall into a kind of hibernation, explains Professor Christoffer Gebhardt, Director of the skin tumour centre at the University hospital in Hamburg-Eppendorf. This liver spots. You can have the nuances of a different color: brown, black-brown, or rather reddish-brown, for example. Also their shape and size can be quite different.

Spots on the skin – most are benign

How many moles someone gets, is determined, among other things, genetically. From birth up to 50. The age of new. Thereafter, the time, the age spots will begin. They form stains in a similar way, such as the liver, but rather in upper layers of the skin. Age spots are mainly due to the light – that’s why they often occur at Places which are exposed to much sun, such as, for example, the back of the hand or the face. “On our skin something going on,” says Gebhardt.

Both liver spots as well as age spots are generally benign. You can, however, change and so-called melanoma – the dreaded skin cancer. The majority of melanomas, however, is not benign liver spots, but on previously unbefallener skin. Particularly vulnerable are people with light skin types, more than 50 liver-spots, and people had been as a child, severe, blistered sunburn. You should keep your spots and other changes on the skin, says Gebhardt.

These signs you should know

For the observation, there is the ABCDE-rule. Suspicious spots, which are (A) asymmetrical, (B) blurred, and (C) multi-colored, (D) a diameter of more than 0.5 centimeters, or (E) are sublime, or have recently changed. Who found a spot with one of these characteristics, it should show him to a skin doctor.

A way that everyone should use, is the skin cancer Screening. Fund insured 35 years and over all have two years to claim it. The dermatologist is looking at the whole body with a Dermatoscope according to the so-called “ugly duckling” – a stain that is different than all of the benign moles. The good news is that Are detected melanomas early, cured the Patient after the complete cutting Out of the tumor with a high level of security, because this has not yet had time to scatter.