“Must make space”: The sad end of Dr. Oetkers chocolate Pizza

The food manufacturer Dr. Oetker has its chocolate Pizza due to low demand from the market. Since the summer, the frozen pizza with chocolate topping is no longer delivered to the trade.

A spokesman said on Friday in Bielefeld, Germany. “There are always new products, for an old product is no longer need to make space, if the demand is sufficient,” he said further. Previously, the “Neue Westfälische reported” about it.

“Pizza Dolce al Cioccolato”

In the introduction to the market in April 2017, the “Pizza Dolce al Cioccolato had caused” a lot of attention. On the sweet version of the normal heart cool product Deep had been discussed, especially in Social media hot. Twelve months after the introduction of the product had been adapted once already, and now have only in a smaller version as a Piccola Cioccolatino“.

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