Much too expensive and pointless: On 9 foods, you can easily do without

Totally healthy or just a Trend: Many of the products attract our attention in the supermarket. However, foods such as almond milk, mineral water and coconut oil, you can save in the truest sense of the word.

1. Water in bottles

Tap water in Germany is clean and healthy. The drinking water regulation specifies that no pathogens or other harmful substances may be contained in the water.

In contrast, Mineral – and table water, on far less pollutants tested. Therefore, there is no reason to buy bottled water from the supermarket.

2. Almond milk

Thanks to Vegan Trend as they are now in every supermarket shelf: almond Drinks, almond milk. There, you are not just Vegan, but also other nutrition-conscious customers. However, particularly healthy almond milk is not.

It contains only about two percent of almonds, and a little less protein than cow’s milk. Thus, she is not doing so quickly enough. In addition, almond milk is dependent on stabilizers and emulsifiers, which get their consistency. Emulsifiers are suspected of promoting inflammation in the gut.

3. Vitamin tablets

No time for an Apple? Therefore, many of vitamin to swallow tablets. Because the supply, as the Name suggests, healthy vitamins – right? So healthy, in Form-pressed vitamins, however, are not. Long-term studies have shown that the most expensive preparations may even increase the risk of cancer. They, therefore, prefer the real fruit.