Most Americans Don’t Believe Black Cats Are Bad Luck

Although superstition holds that black cats are bad luck, most Americans feel crossing paths with them can bring them good fortune, according to a poll conducted by the One Poll organization and ACANA Pet Food.

What to know:

  • Two fifths of American cat owners go against stereotypes and believe that crossing paths with black cats will bring them good luck, saying these dark felines have numerous positive attributes, including being very affectionate, very curious, and very vocal.

  • Black cat owners consider themselves “extremely shy,” “extremely introverted,” and “extremely quirky,” with about half saying they believe in ghosts, cryptids, and aliens.

  • Halloween is still a popular holiday among those who own black cats, but survey respondents voted Christmas (32%) and Thanksgiving (28%) as first and second favorite holidays.

  • Acknowledging that being outside can be risky for black cats because of superstitions, especially at Halloween, more than a third of black cat owners are more likely to keep their cats as indoor-only pets.

  • Regardless of a cat’s fur color, three quarters of cat owners say their feline companions have vastly improved their life, and they consider them to be members of the family.

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