Missing Allergy Labelling! Manufacturer recalls poultry Vienna

The height of Rainer delikatessen GmbH informs about the recall of special packaging “poultry Vienna’s 2nd choice”. As the company informs, can be included due to a sorting error, cheese-poultry Wiener. This relates exclusively to a large pack of 16 sausages.

The cheese contained milk protein should not be consumed by people with intolerance or Allergy. Otherwise, a health risk cannot be excluded. The consumer portal &quot reported;Product warning.eu".

Height Of Rainer Delikatessen GmbH

"Poultry Vienna’s 2nd Wahl"
Large pack of 16 pieces à 60g
Sold via: HöVer fleischwaren Vertriebs GmbH in large amount of rain,
V-Markt in Munich, Balanstraße
Hamberger wholesale market in Munich and Berlin
The affected lots with the following expiration dates:
7.11.19; 8.11.19; 11.11.19; 12.11.19; 13.11.19

The food can be returned to the point of sale. The purchase price will of course be refunded without the presentation of receipts. Other products are not affected by the recall.

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