Learn How Scientists are Fighting for Cures

Every day, researchers, developers, and innovators in the pharmaceutical industry are working to discover cures for some of the world’s most complex diseases. Our scientists are the cornerstone of what we do. No medicine or vaccine would be possible without their restless innovation, imagination, and dogged pursuit of cures.

Below, hear from three Pfizer researchers about their drive to pursue innovation in medicine and the work they are doing in the search for cures. Susanna, Gilles, and Caroline are working every day to make advancements in health care that impact the lives of patients across the country.

Susanna Tse

Meet Susanna, a researcher at Pfizer’s Groton, Connecticut, site, who is an expert in understanding how a medicine affects the body, and how the body affects a medicine. “I set out to work in health sciences and ended up with a very fulfilling career at Pfizer,” says Susanna. “I think that having many different approaches helps me to look at problems from different angles. There are fundamental principles that are similar across many different disciplines and it helps to open my way of thinking about a problem. There is a convergence of knowledge, but the real reward is delivering life-saving medicines to patients.”

Gilles Goetz

It was childhood curiosity that launched his career and landed him at Pfizer. When Gilles Goetz was a little boy, his baby sister got sick and was left partially paralyzed. “I was angry and frustrated that they couldn’t just come up with a medicine to make her feel better,” he says in this video about what led him to a career as a scientist at Pfizer. “In a way, working here and making molecules is a way of making miracles.”

Caroline Ho

When Caroline Ho saw how much pain her uncle was in, her young scientific mind led her to think about how to cure him. “I started on this path when I was four,” she says, “and I don’t see myself ever stopping.” Watch this video to learn more about how Caroline, now a cancer researcher at Pfizer, went from mixing shampoos to mixing compounds.

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