Journalists Investigate Private Equity, Medical Debt, and Mental Health Care

KHN senior correspondent Sarah Jane Tribble examined how private equity hijacks health care, reporting on rural hospital closures in Missouri, on KBIA’s “All Things Considered” on June 23.

  • Click here to hear Tribble on “All Things Considered”
  • Read Tribble’s “Buy and Bust: When Private Equity Comes for Rural Hospitals“

KHN senior Colorado correspondent Markian Hawryluk also discussed private equity, along with power wheelchairs and Colorado’s “right to repair” law, on “Texas Standard” on June 22.

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  • Read Hawryluk’s “Despite a First-Ever ‘Right-to-Repair’ Law, There’s No Easy Fix for Wheelchair Users“

KHN senior correspondent Noam N. Levey discussed the KHN-NPR investigation into America’s medical debt crisis on KJZZ and WNHN’s “The Attitude With Arnie Arnesen” on June 21 and June 22. Levey also discussed the project’s findings on “CBS Mornings” and the “CBS Evening News With Norah O’Donnell.”

  • Click here to hear Levey on KJZZ
  • Click here to hear Levey on “The Attitude With Arnie Arnesen”
  • Click here to watch Levey on “CBS Mornings“
  • Click here to watch Levey on “CBS Evening News“
  • Read Levey’s “100 Million People in America Are Saddled With Health Care Debt“

KHN chief Washington correspondent Julie Rovner discussed the role of mental health funding in gun safety legislation being debated in Congress on WAMU/NPR’s “1A” on June 21.

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KHN interim Southern bureau editor Andy Miller discussed delays in mental health care for people awaiting trial on WUGA’s “The Health Report” on June 19.

  • Click here to hear Miller on “The Health Report”
  • Read Miller and Rebecca Grapevine’s “Long Wait for Justice: People in Jail Face Delays for Mental Health Care Before They Can Stand Trial“

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