Join us for boxing, yoga and mental health workshops at Stylist Live @ Home with lululemon

We’re bringing you boxing and yoga workouts to help you stay calm and boost your endorphins during these uncertain times. 

Right now, life feels awash with anxiety, tension and dread. To make times even harder, our usual coping strategies have been taken away too: no more nights in with girlfriends as we discuss putting the world to rights, no more Saturdays spent hopping between coffee shops and pubs to forget the week’s stresses, no more gym sessions to take our frustration out on the barbell or boxing pad.

We all know the impact that a workout can have on our mental health, including anxiety and depression. Studies show that exercise isn’t only useful for long-term mental wellbeing, but it can also have an immediate mood-boosting effect. 

But as we head into lockdown without gyms, and as winter looms, finding the motivation to get moving is harder than ever. Luckily, we have something that can help. 

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“I’m not ready to go back to home workouts, but this is how I’ll motivate myself”

Stylist has teamed up with lululemon – the high-performance activewear brand – to create workouts that will get you excited about exercising again and in turn, help you feel more calm and confident during this strange period.

As part of Stylist Live @ Home, the festival of inspiration streaming straight into your living room, lululemon will be sponsoring a Stay Calm stage to host daily workouts and motivational talks. 

The weekend will involve 19 different workshops and talks (find more information about them by checking out the full Stylist Live @ Home schedule), but if you’re here for the workouts and some meditation, here is the low down. 

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Sat 14 Nov – Boxing with Amy Andrew

To kick off the event on Saturday 14 November, lululemon ambassador and international boxer Amy Andrew will lead a sweaty boxing session at 10am. The aim of the workout? To let your frustrations out with every punch and to focus on the power of your own mind and body. It’s an amazing mix of cardio, strength and agility that will help to get your endorphins flowing. 

Sun 15 Nov – yoga with Sanchia Legister

Start Sunday morning right by finding calm through a completely different form of movement. At 10am lululemon global yoga ambassador Sanchia Legister will be guiding you through an uplifting yoga practice. : Incorporating movement and breath work (a proven stress-buster), you can walk away from your mat feeling light in spirit and more focused. All experience levels are welcome.

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Sun 15 Nov – meditation with Nahid de Belgeonne

Also on the Stay Calm stage, you can find a School Of Stylist lesson all about meditation with Nahid de Belgeonne of The Human Method and talks by members of the Strong Women Collective including Poorna Bell on kindness and Kimberley Wilson on building a healthy brain. 

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Purchase tickets for access to the two workouts, plus additional talks and workshops on the Stylist Live @ Home line up for £15 or go VIP for £30 to get free gifts worth £60* and a Stylist subscription. For tickets, visit 

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