Jessica Simpson Just Shared A Photo Of Herself Working Out In A 'Rubber Corset' Post-Baby

  • In a new Instagram post, Jessica Simpson revealed she was wearing a “rubber corset.”
  • Jessica, 38, gave birth to her third child, Birdie May, in March 2019.
  • A rubber corset is most likely a type of postpartum wrap to help support a woman’s body after giving birth.

Jessica Simpson gave birth to daughter Birdie May Johnson a little less than two months ago, and according to her most recent Instagram post, she’s still very much in recovery.

In a new Instagram photo posted Thursday, Jessica shared a pic of herself stretching out doors wearing black leggings, a black top, and something else that’s apparently not visible in the photo: a corset. “Just stretching it out in my rubber corset,” Jess wrote. “The joys of postpartum.”

Clearly, Jessica deserves all the clapping emojis for getting up and out with a newborn, but her Instagram post also begs the question: What on Earth is a rubber corset?

Just stretching it out in my rubber corset. The joy of postpartum 🤗

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So? What’s a rubber corset?

The rubber corset Jessica is referring to is most likely a type of postpartum or belly wrap, a product mothers will wrap around their bodies for support after childbirth, according to What To Expect.

These wraps offer an aesthetic benefit, as they can help new moms look and feel slimmer under their clothes, but they also serve a medical purpose: To help support the muscles and abdominal organs after gibing birth, according to What To Expect. In fact, a study published in Physiotherapy Canada found that postpartum wrapping could help women walk farther and get back on their feet sooner. Another study, published in the International Journal of Gynaecology and Obstetrics, found that some women who wrapped experienced less pain and bleeding after having a C-section.

Postpartum wraps come in all kinds of materials and sizes: As What To Expect notes, they can be made of an elastic material that’s closed with Velcro, or they might be made of latex or other stiff materials, like the one Jess wears in her photo. The amount of compression a wrap provides can vary, too: While some are gentle, others can aggressively cinch the waist, with the purpose of changing its appearance.

It’s also important for women to get the OK from their doctor to use any type of postpartum wrap or corset—and to make sure the device is also approved for pregnant women (i.e., not just a standard corset to wear underneath formal wear).

As Birdie is Jessica’s third kid, she probably has a lot of experience in recovery and what’s safest for her. Hopefully she’s feeling as comfy as possible and enjoying those special moments with her new baby girl.

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