Jessica Biel Looks Totally Ageless In This Makeup-Free Selfie

It’s no secret that Jessica Biel is gorgeous. But the actress just showed the world how she looks without a stitch of makeup and…d*mn girl.

Jessica just posted a no-makeup selfie on Instagram as part of Kate Upton’s #ShareStrong campaign. “Take it off, ladies,” Jessica wrote. “Spreading some self-love today with zero filter and zero makeup — all for my girl @KateUpton.”

Kate is “on a mission to help empower women to feel strong and love themselves *as they are*… and I’m so honoured to help spread that message,” Jessica continued, before encouraging other women to “take a second to show the real you.”

And since Jessica looks straight-up gorg au naturel, it’s no surprise her fans freaked in the comments. “One of my favourite pics of you!!!” one person wrote. “Purely gorgeous inside and out! Loved you since 7th Heaven!” another said.

Meanwhile, Kate ~just~ launched her #ShareStrong campaign (like an hour before Jessica’s post). And this is what she had to say on Instagram about it: “Through my own personal experiences and my fitness program @strong4mefit, I’ve met and spoken with some incredibly strong women. I want to open the conversation and give all women a platform to talk about all the struggles and strengths we experience.”

The model went to explain that’s why she created #ShareStrong—a “space where we all can be part of the conversation, empower one another, and radiate positivity.” Kate concluded her post by telling her followers that she wanted to hear from them and encouraging people to join the conversation by sharing what makes them strong, using the hashtag #ShareStrong.

She also included a video of herself working out, cuddling with her daughter, and looking all Kate Upton-like while doing squats—apparently all the things she does to feel empowered and positive.

And though Kate’s campaign doesn’t necessarily seem to be all about living the makeup-free life, plenty of women have already gone bare-faced on Instagram as part of the campaign.

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health US. 

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