HRT saved me from couch potato life, says Davina McCall

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The Big Brother, The Masked Singer and Long-Lost Family presenter said the change made her pile on the pounds and feel exhausted, confused and out of touch with her body. At the same time, in 2017, she was going through a very public split from her husband of 17 years, businessman Matthew Robertson.

Speaking out in a bid to end the stigma around the menopause and hormone replacement therapy, fitness guru Davina, 54, told Woman & Home magazine: “I completely lost my passion for working out and I had no get up and go, which is so unlike me. It felt very scary.

“I had nothing in the tank and I just wanted to lie around and watch telly. I felt like I could see the pounds going on around my middle.”

However, Davina said thanks to the hormone treatment, “things did get better and they’ve stayed better”.

She added: “Actually, HRT made me want to eat well and go to the gym again.”

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