How to support someone suffering from anxiety and the best advice you can offer

It is said that approximately 40 million adults aged 18-54 suffer with some type of anxiety.

The severity levels of course differ, but in these challenging times the issue has really come to the surface.

It can be very demanding knowing where to begin when supporting someone close to you who is anxious.

Saying – or doing – the right things brings its own pressures.

Finding answers, especially during times when the UK is under lockdown, takes a very special skill-set.

Often it's the little things that really help and turn someone's day around.

There is a lot to discover about it on – and their support tips offer some very important steps to making someone feel so much better.

Be reliable

Just being there for someone can make all the difference to a person's life.

You may not have all the right answers, but reliability – and not letting someone down – could ease the strain considerably.

After all, not many of us could get by without someone to depend on.

Ask how you can help

It's sometimes not just about listening.

Some people may not be able to tell you exactly how you can help, but allowing them to try goes a long way.

You may just come up with something together which could change things totally.

Encourage them to try new things

In testing times, a distraction can do the power of good.

It's easier said than done with the pandemic still raging – but while weekends away aren't currently on the table, there's still plenty of things to do.

Think of something new – even the latest TV series they're all talking about could be a solid start.

Don’t only focus on anxiety

Being comfortable opening up about anxiety is a big thing – but it doesn't have to define someone.

Try your very best to make sure that it is not the only thing that your relationship focuses on.

Keeping the mind occupied is key.

Encourage them to explore support options

There's no doubt your help is huge to anyone suffering.

But remember, there are a range of support options available for those experiencing anxiety, stress and anxiety based depression.

It’s just about finding what works best for them – but make sure you stay with them the whole way.

Can they include exercise in their day?

Even a brisk walk can clear the mind and make someone re-focus.

Sometimes getting out of bed and out of the house can be a serious struggle, but when you're out there you can feel the benefits.

Dig out the winter hat, some muddy shoes from the cupboard and even download an app to let you know how far you've walked – and see if you can beat your time the next day!

To get help with anxiety, fear or panic, visit the NHS website.

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