How to sleep: Doc shares forehead trick to get to sleep in the heat – ‘nice little hack’

Sleep hacks: Expert advises on using menthol oils in the heat

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Temperatures are raging this week in the UK and the worst is yet to come. The Met Office has extended an Amber Extreme heat warning, as temperatures will build this weekend and early next week for much of England and Wales. A bad night’s sleep is an inevitable casualty of such extreme weather but there are simple hacks that can help.

According to sleep expert and author of ‘The Little Book of Sleep’ Doctor Nerina Ramlakhan, there is a “nice little hack” that involves your forehead.

The sleep doc revealed the simple trick on GB News on Thursday.

“I use a menthol stick on my forehead,” Doctor Ramlakhan divulged.

Once applied to her forehead, the sleep doc positions herself in front of her fan next to her bedside table.

This “often blows on to my forehead and that sensation of cooling when it hits the menthol on the forehead creates an impression that fools the body into thinking your body temperature is a bit lower”.

This effect is due to the pineal gland, which “fools” the body into thinking your body temperature is a bit lower, said Doctor Ramlakhan.

According to the sleep expert, the pineal gland is what regulates your sleep cycle and melatonin production – processes which underpin sleep.

Doctor Ramlakhan brands this method a “nice little hack” for promoting sleep during the heat.

You can pick up a menthol stick from Boots for £2.60.

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